Vision for the future
41' Nighthawk
41' Nighthawk
max horsepower
A pure expression
The brand new 41' Nighthawk is designed to let you travel is true Cigarette style. The Nighthawk offers the latest Cigarette design language, with its all new hard top. Loaded with the latest technology, the Nighthawk is as luxurious as it is thrilling to drive.
Performance meets comfort
Cigarette proves yet again that high performance and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive. The 41’Nighthawk provides direct, unadulterated, performance combined with the comfort that is like no other center console.
Twin-Step Hull Design
The Nighthawk draws on Cigarette’s advanced- engineered twin step hull design to match unprecedented performance with unyielding comfort. A low, aggressive center of gravity and an all carbon-fiber hardtop design further improve handling, while intelligent use of composite materials and proprietary construction techniques improve vibration dampening and structural integrity for enhanced comfort in even the most compromised conditions.
Advanced Helm
The helm features three Garmin 8617 chartplotters flush mounted to an instrument panel CNC cut from a solid block of aluminum. The nano-coated instrument panel face is resistant to heat, reflections and fingerprints, and the perimeter of the panel is lit by RGB LED accent lighting to provide a distinct glow, creating the illusion that the dash is floating. The helm integrates cup holders and two glove boxes. Passengers can feel secure with stainless steel grab bars, and be in total comfort with an ergonomic CNC machined footrest.
Digital Switching & Automation
The Nighthawk features a state of the art digital switching system, making control of vessel functions a breeze. This offers simple control of all systems on board, including automatic sequential engine starting with a single button push.
Billet Elements
Cigarette’s attention to detail and dedication to perfection is prominently on display in its CNC milled aluminum pieces. Our signature four-step production process includes nearly 4-hours of machining and almost 14-hours of anodization. The machined details provide a strong, stable completed component, while anodization produces a vibrant, corrosion resistant finish.
Optional Adjustable Helm Seating
The ergonomic helm seating is constructed with multi-density foam for comfort both at dock and underway. Each of the three electric forward helm seats are independently adjustable up and down, allowing for comfort to a myriad of different sized people. Additionally, the seat bottoms can flip up to convert the standard seating into bolsters.
Wind Mitigation Doors
Enjoy less wind at the helm seating when cruising by extending the recessed wind doors located on either side of the helm.
Lighting Without Limits
Enjoy full-spectrum RGB, zoned, lighting - all controlled from the Garmin multifunctional displays. A digitally controlled RGB ambient lighting system powers LED lighting through the deck with near infinite color variations. This technology extends seamlessly into an underwater RGB system with full spectrum control to create the perfect ambiance for a night on the water. High powered LED down lights in the hardtop, along with red captains lighting, provide general and night task lighting
Audio Systems
Cigarette relies on the leader in the industry, JL Audio Marine, to meet our client’s pressing demand for the perfect, audiophile quality systems that can withstand the rigors of the sea, wind and open throttle. Our sound systems are tested in each model to ensure it is appropriate to the boat size and seating configuration to compliment precise and authentic playback of any music genre.
Garmin Convenience
The optional Garmin Convenience Package can extend control centers beyond the helm, offering digital switching control at the bow and aft conversational area.
An athletic hardtop
It's sculptured form creates an athletic disposition, alluding to the capabilities of this puristic center console.
The four-pillar exclusive hardtop was skillfully engineered to provide a lower center of gravity for increased performance and comfort without compromising a beautiful design aesthetic. The four-pillar, all carbon-fiber hardtop features a wide, double-curvature, frameless clear-laminated safety glass windscreen offering exceptional wind protection. Integrated flood lights, boarding handrails, full-spectrum ambient lighting, as well as optional electrically actuated sun shade make this a pronounced and puristic center console.
The Nighthawk hardtop offers an optional electrically actuated sun shade. At the press of a button, the shade will cover the aft entertainment area. All done and ready to get underway? Simply press the "shade in" button on your Garmin display and it will retract into the hardtop.
Comfort & Layout
The all new upholstery takes the hand-crafted Cigarette upholstery to a whole new level, with multi-layered foams and highly detailed quilted patterns. The Cigarette Cool upgrade allows for dark colors to be used in sunlight while the fabric remains cool to the touch.
Dive Door
Go for a swim from the inward swinging dive door with integrated ladder and stainless steel grab bar for easy, comfortable access in and out of the water.
A place for everything. The combings feature integrated storage for four fenders, room for shoes and personal belongings, and trash. These latched compartments bring convenient storage up to arm height. There is also floor storage, forward combing box storage, and storage below the U-shaped seating at the bow.
The cabin offers over 6' of headroom, luxurious cabinetry, a bed, storage, sink, and a vacu-flush head. Even a purpose built day-boat should have a place to rest your head for a nap - and the Nighthawk offers just that.
Main Distribution Panel
Ergonomically designed main distribution panel located conveniently just inside the door.
Paint is integral to every Cigarette. Keep it simple with a fully painted hillside with bootstripe or engage our modern design solutions and advanced application methods to explore boundless options for customizing your boats to exacting measures, while providing the highest quality in UV protection and scratch and fade resistance.
LOA with Outboards
44-ft 3-inch (engines down)
45-ft 6-inch (engines up)
Fuel Capacity
Fresh Water
Black Water
34-inch (engines down)
24-inch (engines up)
Airdraft with Radar
9' 1"
Airdraft without Radar
8-ft 5-inch
Height with Radar
Height without Radar
10-ft 4-inch
Trailer Height with Radar
12-ft 9-inch
Trailer Height without Radar
12-ft 1-inch
  • Rated Power
    350HP (257kW)
  • Fuel
  • Displacement
Media Gallery
Media Gallery
Bespoke Possibilities
Make it yours.
Telescoping Aft Sun Shade
Aft face of hard top integrates a 5’ SureShade electric awning system capable of fully covering the aft cockpit area. Features Sunbrella fabric covering and the new quiet- glide motor.
Sport Teak Flooring
Synthetic flooring that can simulate teak or more modern finishes.
Sport Paint Package
Paint that extends beyond the rub rail but not into the interior gunnels. The consoles and side of the top is painted.
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41' Nighthawk