Why own a boat when you can own a LEGEND?

Cigarette® brand powerboats are not ordinary boats. A Cigarette® boat is designed by artisans, craftsman and engineers, working hand-in-hand. The current Cigarette® lineup not only shows dramatic technical advancements, but also addresses the diverse customer needs that are not served by mass production boat builders. Other companies make “go-fast boats,” but only Cigarette Racing Team can create a Cigarette®. Our engineers and craftsman have studied the interaction between human and machine, and the emotions generated. Technology is appreciated best when it relates to real physiological or emotional needs, like wonder and adventure. There’s only one Cigarette® on the water. Own a legend.

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Mixes well with water.

Some shapes are instantly recognizable. Even before the logo is visible, "A Cigarette boat" has an unmistakable shape. Its deep-V hull, the way it carries on the water, its sound conveys its brand and heritage. The 2012 lineup is the result of over 40 years of performance boat building experience where "Old World" craftsman is combined with engineering and technology. The choice of materials used in Cigarette's construction is highly selective-only the best will do-and each aspect of the build is conducted with exacting attention to detail. The result: Exceptional stability in offshore conditions, exhilarating speed, steadfast safety, and an opportunity to build a boat which is entirely, exclusively yours.

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More space, no compromise.

When Cigarette set out to build its first center console, it had to be a true Cigarette-with highly- efficient hull design, tough, performance construction, the same race-style rigging, and the same level of detail, luxury and craftsmanship that you'd expect from a Cigarette powerboat. The result is a completely new interpretation of performance boating--Performance Center Consoles. Generous space for more guests, yet all the power, strength, customization and detail of a Cigarette--this is The Cigarette Difference.

Long-range cruising, luxurious comforts, Cigarette styling-a new vision of performance.

Cigarette customers' lifestyles are flexible, so we expanded our boat sizes, styles and boating options-to suit yours.

Island hopping overnights in exotic ports-Cigarette gives cruising a new image. For those who enjoy the experience of longer-range boating under diesel power with full-cabin comforts and accoutrements, come and travel with The Cigarette Difference...

Recognizing its prestigious marketing partners, Mercedes-AMG and Ducati, Cigarette has saluted them at the annual Miami International Boat Shows with special edition boats that represent the companies' shared pride in, and admiration of, their respective luxury and performance brands.